Open Access Week


Join the UCF Libraries as we celebrate Open Access Week. Educational and fun game-themed events will be held throughout the week. To learn more about Open Access, check out the official OA Week website:

Monday, October 22nd 11:00am-1:00pm, Library 2nd Floor - What classic board game matches your Open Access knowledge?
October brings pumpkin spice lattes and Open Access Week! How much do you know about Open Access (OA)? Navigate the Chutes and Ladders of scholarly resources with some help from your trusted librarians. We’ll have resources at the ready to give you a Clue, so there’s no Risk in taking our quiz! The big publishers don’t have a Monopoly on articles; Open Access resources save you Aggravation and even money on Pay Day! Test your knowledge and find out what classic board game matches your OA awareness. Students who complete the quiz get a treat from Candy Land!

Tuesday, October 23rd 11:00am-12:00pm, Library Room 235A - Teaming up Against Rising Textbook Costs: Harnessing the Librarian/Faculty Collaboration to Locate Affordable Course Materials 
Does the idea of the soaring price of textbooks and the lack of your student’s ability to purchase them keep you up at night? If so, then please join our Digital Learning & Engagement Librarian, Christina Wray and Research and Information Services’ Science Librarian, Sandy Avila for a presentation about partnering with your subject librarian to explore quality library-sourced or open access/online resources for your next class.

Tuesday, October 23rd 1:00-2:00pm, Library Room 235C - Navigating the Maze of Copyright: How to Find Free Images and Music for Your Projects
Ever wonder about the images and songs you’ve used and whether they’re ok to include in your projects? Learn tips and tricks from information experts on finding images, music, and videos you can use to stay out of Trouble.

Wednesday, October 24th 11:30am-12:30pm, FCTL CB1-2015 Get in the Game: Tips and Strategies for Navigating Open Access Publishing
Open Access journals are becoming increasingly popular venues for publishing scholarly research. Yet, there are many challenges and misconceptions often associated with this publishing model. If you’ve ever wondered about Open Access publishing, this session is for you. Join Scholarly Communication Librarian, Sarah Norris, in a discussion about publishing in Open Access journals. We will examine publishing basics and explore challenging topics like journal quality, predatory publishing, and funding. 

Thursday, October 25th 11:00am-2:00pm Library Rooms 223, 235A, and 235C - Game Knight at the Library
Take a study break with a classic board game or video game. Help us create our own Open Access UCF Board Game, using freely available resources!

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