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The emergence of generative AI tools like ChatGPT has created new opportunities and challenges for educators to rethink pedagogy, assignments, and curriculum. In this practical guide, Kevin Yee, Kirby Whittington, Erin Doggette, and Laurie Uttich offer concrete strategies for integrating ChatGPT and other AI into higher education classrooms. The book argues that rather than viewing AI as a threat, educators can harness these technologies to build “AI fluency” in students—the ability to use AI critically and ethically. The authors provide an overview of how ChatGPT works as a large language model and discuss mindset shifts needed for both instructors and learners. The bulk of the book consists of over 60 practical assignment prompts and ideas across disciplines to assist with teaching skills for using ChatGPT (and other AI tools), including prompt engineering, evaluating output, analyzing texts, writing, generating content, studying, and career planning. While acknowledging risks like plagiarism and hallucinated facts, the authors embrace the inevitability of AI and show how to guide students to add value, think critically, and prepare for a future transformed by artificial intelligence in the workplace and beyond. Grounded in learning theory, this timely book offers educators a framework and toolkit for thoughtfully integrating AI into higher education. The first draft of this abstract and the keywords for this book were created using Claude, an AI assistant developed by Anthropic, to demonstrate how this type of tool can summarize content and identify keywords. The authors provided the original text of the book and writing prompts.

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