Dr. Lee-Anne T. Spalding; Kendra Hazen


Third Grade; Elementary Education; Civics; Education Commons; Social Studies; Unit Plans; Florida Social Studies Standards; Founding Fathers; Three Branches of Government; Universal Design for Learning; Curriculum; Lesson Plans; Unit Plans; School of Teacher Education; The Constitution: College of Community Innovation and Education; Teacher Education Commons; English Learners; Powers & Branches of Government; Legislative Branch; Executive Branch; Judicial Branch; Checks and Balances; The Florida Constitution; Florida Government; Local Government; Powers and Limits; Roles of Government Services and People; Democracy


Designed by pre-service teachers, this fifteen-day Social Studies unit covers 3rd grade Florida Social Studies Sunshine State Standards and Florida B.E.S.T. Standards while incorporating Universal Design for Learning strategies, English Language strategies, and opportunities for students to engage with educational technology in various capacities. This unit is complete with a daily Instructional Guide for teachers, turnkey student-facing materials, lists of or links to any necessary resources not created by the authors, and a post-assessment. During this unit, students will explore how the U.S. Constitution serves as the foundation for government, fulfilling its purpose and addressing societal needs. Students will delve into the structures, functions, powers, and limitations of government as outlined in both the U.S. and Florida Constitutions. Additionally, students will also learn about Federalism, the multi-level nature of government, and will learn to recognize the different responsibilities of government at the local, state, and national levels. Lastly, students will practice identifying an author's purpose within informational texts as they deepen their understanding of complex concepts related to governance and constitutional frameworks.