Dr. Lee-Anne T. Spalding; Kendra Hazen


Economics; hands-on-activities; role-play; songs; classroom economy; market day; addition; subtraction; math standards; vocabulary list; money; supply and demand; saving; spending; budgeting; selling; buying; prices; turn and talk; white board showdown; production


Designed by pre-service teachers, this fifteen-day Social Studies unit covers 2nd grade Florida Social Studies Sunshine State Standards and Florida B.E.S.T. Standards while incorporating Universal Design for Learning strategies, English Language strategies, and opportunities for students to engage with educational technology in various capacities. This unit is complete with a daily Instructional Guide for teachers, turnkey student-facing materials, lists of or links to any necessary resources not created by the authors, and a post-assessment. During this unit, students will explore the fundamental concepts of economics. Through collaborative discussions, multimedia resources, and formative assessments, students will develop a robust understanding of how markets operate in their community and how people provide goods and services based on societal needs. Students will investigate the production process of familiar goods and learn the roles of producers and consumers in economic systems. They will also examine the concept of supply and demand with real-world applications by analyzing how changes in supply and demand affect prices and consumer behavior. The unit includes vocabulary introductions, practical demonstrations, and visual aids to support and reinforce the concepts of economics.

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