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Henry Haydock, Martha Haydock, Phineas Pemberton, Quaker, Society of Friends


Letter from Henry and Martha Haydock to Phineas Pemberton.


Dear PP [Phineas Pemberton]
beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ in whom our nearnes [nearness] and dearnes [dearness] is [page tear]
day as in days by past and gone in which wee [we] heve [have] sat down togethar [together] and [page tear]
unity of the one spirit and in the bond of hevenly [heavenly] pece [peace] we have to our mutu [mutual?] [page tear]
Joy inioyed [enjoyed] ech [each] other and now being fer [far] removed as outwardly yeat [yet] inwardly [...] [page tear]
and [right?] dear to one anothar [another] in that hevenly [heavenly] wonnes [oneness?] and blased [blessed] falowship [fellowship]
of the gloryous [glorious] gospill [gospel] of pece [peace] which is and shall be preched [preached] throughout the
Whole world in this felowship [fellowship] our dear Love kindly salutes thee [you] and thy [your] dear
wife and tender bebes [babes] along ^with^ thy [your] ffathars [Fathers] and Mothar [mother] and the reast [rest] of your fama^ly^ [family]
if the [they] be all Living give them the salutation of our dear Love in the Lord in whom
is all our being and walbeing [wellbeing] this day in whom Living Refrashment [refreshment] is to the
depending soul who wetes [waits] to reseve [receive] their dely [daily] refreshings from him to such he is
a sofishent [sufficient] reward at all times and in all plesis [places] indeed dear freind [friend] the very remembe[...] [remembrance?] [page tear]
of thee [you] and thy [your] feithfullnes [faithfulness] Lives with ous [us] meney [many] a time in whose remembarenc [remembrance] o[...] [our?] [page tear]
hearts is [are] comfarted [comforted] and our spirits is [are] right glad to inioy [enjoy] thee [you] and feall [feel] thee [you] and thy [your]
Love to ous [us], is mattar [matter] of Comfert [comfort] we can truly sey [say] for ever [forever] sey [say] and Leand [lend] we ca[...] [page tear]
rech [reach] to thee [you] our dear ffreind [Friend] and in the armes [arms] thats [that’s] wide open we Can inioy [enjoy] th[...] [thee?] [page tear]
and Leat [let] devine [divine] holy kisis [kisses] of pure and fervent ^Love^ drop upon thee [you] for its not L[…] [page tear]
abslanc [absence?] that will bring this Love to an end which god in his infinit [infinite] Loving [page tear]
nes [word unclear] hath [has] bagotten [begotten] in uos [us] to one anothar [another] in which Love ye [the] Lord preserve ous [us] for ever [forever] [page tear]
if we never behold one anothar [another] againe [again] where we mey [may] reche [reach] one to anothar [another] and
feall [feel] one anothar [another] far beyond what by outward Carracters [characters] we can set forth or dem
=onstrate [demonstrate] well dear ffreind [Friend] feall [feel] thou [you] our Love and Leat [let] thy [your] heart be refreshed as
ours is this day in a Living as wall [well] as frash [fresh] rememberenc [remembrance] of thee [you] our hearts is [are]
drawn forth these fewe [few] [ink stain] Carractars [characters] to recomend [recommend] ^to^ thee [you] [crossed out: illegible] in wich [which] is Littill [little] contened [contained]
but a freish [fresh] salutation of that [an...shent] unbiesed [unbiased] and true cordiell [cordial] Love wich [which] is
what it ever was and remeines [remains] to be what it now is to thee [you] forever more that as
we heve [have] been refreshed meney [many] a time togathar [together] soe [so] now being seperated [separated] wee [we] mey [may]
still feall [feel] the hevenly [heavenly] power and presenc [presence] of the Lord god with ous [us] which is ^wt^ [what]
we desire for you as for our selfes [ourselves] for indeed its [it’s] the Lords [Lord’s] presenc [presence] that mekes [makes]
heard [hard] things esey [easy] and the feeling of the gods [God’s] Gloryous [glorious] power that santifies [sanctifies] [every/our] [page tear]
axersis [exercise] and mekes [makes] sweet every tryell [trial] wich [which] presenc [presence] and power be with you and
atend [attend] you all for ever [forever] is that our souls that dearly Loves you desires for
for your good in god wee [we] rely [really] breath [breathe] for and your prosperity in the truth [page tear]
by you is seen Lovly [lovely] we dearly desire that soe [so] in a holy Life and godly c[...] [page tear]
versation [conversation] that will adorn the blased [blessed] gospill [gospel] [wee] [we] with you and you with [page tear]
mey [may] be found for indeed Dear ffreind [Friend] thy [your] feithfullnas [faithfulness] every way hath [has] pre[...] [page tear]
forth the truth hear [here] for among the sones [sons] of men thers [there’s] not eney [any] speken [spoken]
ill of thee [you] indeed I must needs sey [say] to thee [you] thou [you] hath [have] Left [crossed out: illegible] sweet sever [savor] be
hind [behind] thee [you] and the truth is honered [honored] by thy [your] uprightnes [uprightness] and wall [well] spoken of by
thy [your] meek walking: to that god that geve [gave] thee [you] wisdom to order thy [your] conversat[...] [conversation] [page tear]
[to right?] be the Living preise [praise] freely given for he is worth forever to him [our/ous] [us]
dearly Leve [leave/love] thee [you] with thin [thine] [yours] freely desiring the Lord mey [may] be with you and
blas [bless] you in every undartaking [undertaking] and presarve [preserve] you at all times both by sey [sea] and
by Land its [it’s] the reall [real] brethings [breathings] and true desires of our soules [souls] for you even
that the Lords [Lord’s] blasings [blessings] mey [may] be with you his hevenly [heavenly] pece [peace] multiplied upon you to [page tear]
time to time that as a kind of first frutes [fruits] to him you mey [may] bee [be] in your day [page tear]
hine wall [well] dear freind [friend] our dear Love abondently [abundantly] floweth [flows] towards thee [you] in
with whom we heve [have] parfact [perfect] unity in the seed of Life and Living and Lasting
felowship [fellowship] in gods [God’s] hevenly [heavenly] truth [tto/ffo] [to?] wch [which] truth we [Leve/Love] [leave] thee [you] onst [once] more give [page tear]
thee [you] the cordiall [cordial] salutation of our dear Love in the Lord and soe [so] bids thee [you]
fear well [farewell] salute dear freinds [friends] whom wee [we] know whose good and walfare [welfare] we wish
in the truth and soe [so] [crossed out: illegible] conclude and rest thy [your] lLoving freind [friend] and sistar [sister] in my mesure [measure]
Leat [let] ous [us] hear from thee [you]) of truth reseved [received] Henry & [and] Martha Haydock [Henry Haydock, Martha Haydock]
as soone [soon] as thou [you] can I desire thee [you]) I heve [have] hear [here] [crossed out: illegible] sent thee [you] acording [according] to thy [your]
order first 2 peir [pairs] of shoes for thy self [thyself] [yourself] ^at 0-8-0^ [8 shillings] 2 pere [pairs] for thy [your] wife 0-5-0- [5 shillings] and 4 pere [pairs] for thy [your]
children 0-5-0 [5 shillings] a pere [pair] of slipers [slippers] for thee [you] at 0-3-4 [3 shillings 4 pence] also a pere [pair] for thy [your] wife 0-2-4 [2 shillings 4 pence] one
but [butt] of Lether [leather] at 6-4- [6 shillings 4 pence] and as for the retorn [return] I Leve [leave] to thy selfe [thyself] [yourself] for soe [so] the shoes
slipers [slippers] and Lether [leather] stands me to hear besides what the carig [carriage] will be I heve [have] hear [here]
sent thee [you] 3 pere [pairs] of trousers of 0-4-0 [4 shillings] a pere [pair] thou [you] mey [may] make what thou [you] can of them
and send with the other things I alsoe [also] heve [have] sent a peece [piece] of [peckted/peckled] stufe [stuff] that ceme [came] from
Theoder Eccleston of London for thy [your] fathar [father] J: H [James Harrison] pede [paid] for carrig [carriage] 0-0-8 [8 pence] I have Likwise [likewise]
sent Alis [Alice] her Tronk [trunk] the goods I heve [have] sent to thee [you] is in all 2-2-8 [2 pounds 2 shillings 8 pence] soe [so]
onst [once] more
[page tear] and thine [yours] [crossed out: illegible] I rest thy [your] Loving ^freind^ [friend] to serve thee [you] in eney [any/every] thing [anything/everything] ^I^ can
Henry Haydock [page tear]
Henry and Martha Haydock [Henry Haydock] [Martha Haydock]
to Phineas Pemberton
[in pencil] 1686 ?










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Creator (Linked Data)

Henry Haydock (Q112209042) [Wikidata]

Receiver (Linked data)

Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702 [LC]

Phineas Pemberton (Q94253673) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

England [GeoNames]

England [LC]

Receiver Place (Linked data)

Pennsylvania [GeoNames]

Pennsylvania [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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