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Abigail Pemberton, Israel Pemberton, Jacob Janney, John Watson, Jeremiah Langhorne, James Logan, Quakers, Society of Friends, social network, rumors, gossip, communication network, smallpox, illness


Letter dated March 17, 1702 (March 6, 1701 Old Style) from Abigail Pemberton to her brother, Israel Pemberton. She asks his help in stopping a rumor about her.


[strikethrough: to?] [partially illegible—strikethrough and ink blot] th 6th of 1 mo 1702 [the 6th day 1st month 1702]

Dear Brother [Israel Pemberton]

this comes by cussen [cousin] J. Janney [Jacob Janney?] [Joseph Janney?] where by [whereby] thou [you] may know

that wee [we] are all well [axceping? [excepting/expecting]] / [exaping? [escaping]] [son?/from?] [And Roben and?]

prisila [Priscilla Pemberton] hath got [has gotten] a cold but I must bee [be] short but tell thee [you]

[strikethrough: thee] that I am sorre [sorry] to hear that thou art [you are] not very well

pray let me hear as often as thou canst [you can] for I heare [hear] the small

pox [smallpox] are much in your family but I was glad of the account

thou [you] gave me that the [thee] [you] ^[love/have]^ them so [illegible—ink blot] esily [easily]

But by thy mastes [your master's]

account we here [hear] that little ebee [unidentified person] is very ill which gives

mee mosmoll troable [me no small trouble] we^e^ [we] have not seen the articlles [articles] [strikethrough: so we]

but John Watson gave some account and if it be so as he

tells us wee [we] cannot concent [consent] to [it?/if?] [strikethrough: for] cossen [cousin] stayes [stays] so I

cannot give the perticular [particular] account but mother [Alice Pemberton?] has in

A leter [letter] to thy [your] master which thou maist [you may] see are our [strikethrough: of/ob?]

objections but If A tennant [tenant] come with anithing [anything] like termes [terms]

and a honnest [honest] man we shall be willing to go out as soon

as thy [your] master can settle the bisness [business] for there Is no accation [action/occasion] of

stay upon my account for Jeremiah [Jeremiah Langhorne] seems unwilling to

go to monthly meeting and I resolve not to go any other

way some have been pleassed [pleased] to say that it is because

I am in love with James Logen [James Logan] because I lodged ther [there]

for too [two] or thre [three] nights when I was [min?] [in] town bee [be] pleased

to let mee [me] hear what they say of it there whether the [they]

say anithing [anything] concerning him [min?] [in] town any that

may make that the reson [reason] thou [you] may teell [tell] them thou

knows [you know] to the contrary but say nothing of thy reson [your reason]

for it utill [until] I give thee [you] a further account theey [they] may

let mee [me] have a line from the [thee] [you] by the berer [bearer] all

our loves are to thee [you] this from thy afectionate [your affectionate]


Abigail Pember [Abigail Pemberton]

[Postscript, written in bottom left margin]

Which I desire thee [you]

to keep secrit [secret]

[page 2]


Israel Pemberton


[series of three lines]

[Written in a more modern hand, on left side]

Abigail Pemberton

1mo 6 1702 [1st month 6th day 1702]


Israel Pemberton











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