Ann Harrison



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Joseph Pike and Susannah Pike via Joseph Cookry

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Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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Ann Harrison, Susannah Pike, Joseph Pike, Charlestown Boston, Henry Cookry, Joseph Cookry, Lloyd Wold, Material culture, Quaker business, Finances, Financial records, Quakers, Society of Friends, Social network, Clothing


Copy of a letter dated May 25, 1688 (May 15, 1688 Old Style) from Ann Harrison to John and Susannah Pike. The letter details a bundle of clothing sent with the bearer.


The 15th day of 3 mo [month] 88 [May 15, 1688]
Joseph & [and] Sussanah Pike [Joseph Pike] [Susannah Pike] yours [your letter] dated 22 march 87 [March 22, 1687] by Joseph
Cookry [Joseph Cookry] is Rcd [received] and here is sent his apparrell [apparel] as ffolloweth [Followeth] [follows]
by sd [said] Jo: Cookry [Joseph Cookry]
[The following items appear in three columns in the original manuscript, which cannot be reproduced here.]
1 serge Coate [coat] wast Coate [waistcoat] & [and] breeches al [all?] lined
1 paire [pair] of [new?] pumps
2 felts
1 paire [pair] thread stockings
1 Castor in A Case
1 [fancy P] [pair] old stockins [stockings]
15 shifts
1 stuft [stuffed] Coate [coat]
1 [fancy P] [pair] old sterups [stirrups]
18 hankeirchifs [handkerchiefs]
1 old Camlet Coate [coat]
1 [fancy P] [pair] good woostet [worsted] stockings
7 Capps [caps]
1 Cloth Coate [coat] linned [lined]
1 [fancy P] [pair] woolen drawers
4 neck Cloths
1 old wast Coate [waistcoat]
gloves 2 paire [pair] & [and] one […] one of lether [leather]
4 coloured hankercfs ^old^
1 old [fancy P] [pair] stuff [stuffed] drawers
4 blew [blue] Aprons
1 [fancy P] [pair] serge breeches
2 paire [pair] of [thread?] gloves
4 [fancy P] [pair] fustian drawers
1 paire [pair] of woolen [gloves]
[End columns.]
[strikethrough: illegible] [those/these] are al [all] his apparell [apparel] that there is and al [all] there was
only some few Course [coarse] Clothes & [and] his shooes [shoes/horseshoes?] were used in the
governers [Governor Thomas Lloyd’s] house wch [which] had they not been use they wold [would] have
beene [have been] spoyled [spoiled] ere [here] Jo: Cookry [Joseph Cookry] can give an acctt [account] how
matters stand as to his estate I wish you were here to
manage it your selves [yourselves] I have nothing but trouble wth [with]
it & am A widdow [widow] and have business enough of my
owne [own] have ^had^ drudgery & [and] slavery both wth [with] the cloths [clothes] to keep
them as they are & [and] other matters relateting [relating] to his con=
=cern [concern], and yet it scarce gives Content your bother [brother] Lloyd
on one hand and you on the other Call [hand?] for your
Legacys [legacies] [inheritances] Lloyd wold [would] have his and yours too & [and] says
your [you are] dead & [and] yet there is [are] no debts pd [paid] nor Rcd [received] but
for feare [fear] of these takeing [taking] more harme [harm] I send them
but shall send nothing Ells [else] untill [until] accts [accounts] be Cleare [clear] wth [with] the
governer [Governor Thomas Lloyd] and other persons [fancy P--'er' assumed] pd [paid] of to whom mony [money] is due
[divers?] [diverse] persons [fancy P--'er' assumed] [he/be] [Charges/Charged?] debter [debtor] to him in his book but
there is none will owne [own] any thing [anything] & [and] I Can make no
proof ^thereof^ therefore little like [likely] to be got of whats [what is] out I
greatly desire to be discharged of the burthen that lyes [lies] on
me about it who am your friend
Ann Harrison
[1 falf...?] [1 felt or other item from inventory?] I tooke [took] to my use
wch [which] if Jo: Cookry [Joseph Cookry] be not
pd [paid] for it I shall be accuntable [accountable]
[page 2]
ffor [For]
Joseph Pike att [at] ~~~
Charles Towne [Charlestown, Boston] in
New England
[DDD abbreviation/notation]
by Henry Cookry wth [with] A parcell [fancy P--'ar' assumed] [parcel]
of Cloths [Clothes]
[DDD abbreviation/notation]
[The following is written in a more modern hand, in the bottom right corner and oriented to the right margin.]
Ann Harrison
3mo 15 1688 [May 15, 1688]
to Jos and Sus. Pike. [Joseph Pike] [Susannah Pike]
Charlestowne [Charlestowne, Boston]










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Charlestown [GeoNames]

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Society of Free Quakers [LC]

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