Pemberton Correspondence



Sender Place

New Castle, Pennsylvania


Alice Hodgson Pemberton

Receiver Place

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Repository holding original letter

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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41.003601, -80.344421

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40.345165, -75.126389


Phineas Pemberton, New Castle Pennsylvania, Alice Hodgson Pemberton, Bucks County, Quakers, Society of Friends, Social network


Letter dated November 20, 1700 (November 9, 1700 Old Style) from Phineas Pemberton to his wife, Alice Pemberton.








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The 9th day of the 9th mo: [month] 1700
my deare [dear]
yester day [yesterday] I write to thee [you] I had not heard from
thee [you] since I came down I sent it by Jos: Kirkbride [Joseph Kirkbride]
but this day I recevied [received] one dated the 3 [3rd] Instant
of wch [which] I was very glad, And that thee [you] & [and] the rest
of mine were well & [and] all things ells [else]; this comes
by wm Biles [William Biles]; who has got his liberty but the Govrnr [Governor]
will not give me liberty to come home untill [until]
we have finished I belevie [believe], it will be the later
end of the next week afore [before] we have done at
the soonest, the [hide?] now serves, wm [William Biles] is Just [a?]
going & [and] therefore have not time to write what is
in my mind but wold [would] have thee [you] get a load of goods
home & [and] the bullock [cattle/steer] as soone [soon] as thou [you] thinks fit
let not geo: [George] Load too hard but whether its [it’s] better
to kill him at home or River side [riverside] I leave that
to thee [you] but if you bring him home a livie [alive] do
not beate [beat] him in the driveing [driving] nor heate [heat]
him lest it hurt the meate [meat] & [and] if he be kild [killed] at
home be sure to know who shall kill to be
ready to do it next morning for if he get [gets] out
of hand he will run back againe [again] therefore
he must be kept in the old house all night or
in the [kitpin?] [kitchen?] or as thou [you] thinks best I leave all
to thee [you] my deare [dear] and think the time tedious
now that I am so Long absent I am thyn [thine] [yours]
P Pemberton [Phineas Pemberton]
Phineas Pemberton
New castle [New Castle, Pennsylvania]
9 mo [month] 9. 1700
Alice Pemberton
Bucks. [Bucks County Pennsylvania]
ffor [For]
Phineas Pemberton
P [per] wm Biles [William Biles]

Creator (Linked Data)

Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702 [LC]

Phineas Pemberton (Q94253673) [Wikidata]

Receiver (Linked data)

Pemberton, Alice Hodgson [LC]

Alice Hodgson Pemberton (Q102035755) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

New Castle [GeoNames]

New Castle (Pa.) [LC]

Receiver Place (Linked data)

Bucks County [GeoNames]

Bucks County (Pa.) [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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