Most Recent Additions*


Annie Abrahams, Roderick Coover, Deena Larsen, Anna Nacher, Eugenio Tisselli, Kirill Azernyy, Renee Carmichael, and Johannah Rodgers


Electronic Literature in the Age of Autocomplete (Roundtable)
Sarah Ciston, Katy Ilonka Gero, Annette Vee, Kyle Booten, and Brian Kim Stefans


What’s New in Children's eLit?
María Goicoechea, Ana Albuquerque, Mark C. Marino, and Laura Sánchez


Applied E-Lit as Participatory Research-Creation for Social Change
Astrid Ensslin, Rebecca Lyle Skains, Christine Wilks, Franci Greyling, and Gustaf Tempelhoff


A Labyrinth: Designing and Playing a Collaborative Game During COVID-19
Patrick Jagoda, Heidi Coleman, Marc Downie, Ashlyn Sparrow, and Kristen Schilt


Electronic Literature + Live Coding Jam/Workshop
Jessica A. Rodriguez Miss, Alejandro Franco, Alexander MacLean, Alex McLean, Luis Navarro, and David Ogborn


Breathe the Machine
Matt S. Roberts, Terri Witek, Teresa Carmody, and Dengke Chen


Singling and the Earful Yearning: A remote, digital, hyper-interactive text-to-MIDI literacoustic jam
Kedrick James, Rachel Horst, Esteban Morales, Yuya Peco Takeda, and Effiam Yung


Serious Play: A Games Studies Livestream
Ryan N. House and David Kocik


Quarantine Quatrains
Scott Rettberg and Talan Memmott


Poememes for the quarantine
León G. De la Rosa Carrillo


Poetry for seers or the peruvian visual poetic tradition in front of new media
Michael Hurtado, Pamela Medina, Enrique García, and Michael Prado

*Updated as of 07/04/20.