Agency Name

WIC - Orange County


Agency Location, Address, Phone Number, Email

Orange County Call Center for all centers: (407) 858-1494 (appointment line), Toll-free: 1-800-342-3556

Agency Location, Address, Phone Number, Email

South Side Health Center: 6101 Lake Ellenor Drive,STE 103, Orlando, FL 32809

Agency Location, Address, Phone Number, Email

Apopka Service Center: 1111 Rock Springs Rd., Apopka, FL 32712

Central Health Center: 901 W. Church St., Orlando, FL 32805

East Side Health Center: 12050 E Colonial Drive, Building A, Orlando, FL 32826

Hoffner Service Center: 5449 S Semoran Blvd., Ste 18C, Orlando, FL 32822

Lake Underhill Health Center: 5730 Lake Underhill Dr., Ste. B, Orlando, FL 32807

Winne Palmer/ Breast feeding counseling: 83 W. Miller Street, Orlando, FL 32806

Lila Mitchell Healtch Center-Breast feeding counseling: 5151 Raleigh St., Orlando, FL 32811

Description of Services

Nutrition programs for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or who have recently been pregnant, and infants/children under age 5. Based on total household income calculation (chart can be found on website), or if you are currently receiving Medicaid, Temporary Cash Allowance (TCA), or Food Assistance.

Additional Information

For certification: bring each family member applying to receive WIC services to office, all proof of income for everyone in household (before taxes and deductions), one proof of where you live, one proof of identification for you and one proof of identification for any infant or child, WIC Medical Referral Form (if completed by doctor), social security numbers for all applicants (if available), and immunization record for each child (if available)

URL used is Orange county health department:


Women, Infant, Children (WIC)



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Summer 6-14-2017