Agency Name

The Transition House, Inc./Victory Village


Agency Location, Address, Phone Number, Email

3800 5th St, St Cloud, FL 34769, 407-892-5700, contact Jessica Rivera by email at

Description of Services


Permanent housing for very-low and low-income families, Rental units range from one to three bedrooms and Victory Village includes a playground, laundry and community center onsite.

The program features the following services: Annual Assessment of Services Needs, Targeted Case Management, as needed; Education Services; Employment Assistance and Job Training Access; Life Skills Training, as needed; Mental Health Services.

Substance Abuse Treatment Services, as needed

To qualify for a Victory Village apartment you must be low income but have sufficient income to sustain rental payments which cannot exceed 30% of your monthly income and have no felony convictions in the past 5 years. No pets are allowed Victory Village. See the chart below to see if patient can qualify Accept Medicare and Medicaid.


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