UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management's Associate Professor Michael B. Duignan and Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Alan Fyall collaborated with a team of fellow researchers to examine Tokyo 2020's potential to challenge ableist norms. Highlighting Japan's efforts to promote inclusive tourism for Persons with Disabilities (PwD), their collaborative study highlights the tourism sector's ongoing gaps. They argue that mega-events like the Olympics can be pivotal in driving inclusivity, addressing both physical and social barriers. Dive into this revealing examination of the interplay between tourism, events, and societal change.

Original Article

Duignan, M.B., Brittain, I., Hansen, M., Fyall, A., Gerard, S., & Page, S. (2023). Leveraging accessible tourism development through mega-events, and the disability-attitude gap. Tourism Management, 99, N.PAG. doi.org/10.1016/j.tourman.2023.104766.

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