An analysis of the evolution in public high school principal's roles and leadership theories as compared to high school principal certification requirements in five states in the United States from 1980-2001


High school principals -- United States, School administrators -- United States -- Standards


This study described the evolution in high school principals' roles, functions, realities, and responsibilities from i9B0 to 2ooi as compared to the prevailing leadership theories and models articulated in professional literature and research journals during this same time period. Furthermore, this study sought to determine whether or not certification requirements were being modified to meet role changes of public high school principals in five states; Texas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and Mississippi were chosen for this study. These states were chosen based on their reputations of being progressive and forward thinking with respect to responding to changes in roles and functions of high school principals. To determine the role of the principal, data were collected from numerous book lists, articles and web-based databases describing the evolution in high school principal roles and principal certification and licensure requirements. A total of 755 pieces of literature was surveyed. The articles were divided by 3-time periods: i9B0 through i994, i995 through i999, and 2000 through 2ooi. Data were classified by ISLLC Standards, and state certification requirements were described completely. Additionally, progress made by these states in the implementation of the ISLLC Standards was also discussed. Overall, the number of articles surveyed addressing high school principal roles classified by ISSLC Standards remained fairly constant for ISLLC Standards 1, 3, 5, and 6. During the 20-year period covered by the study, the percentage of articles addressing ISLLC Standard 2 declined significantly, while the percentage of articles written addressing ISLLC Standard 4 had a concomitant increase. Certification requirements in the five states included in this study changed to reflect increased state requirements related to adoption of the ISLLC Standards. Recommendations were made for continued professional development opportunities for high school principals. These opportunities should help principals develop comprehensive and practical understanding of all six ISLLC Standards, thereby facilitating integration of these standards in daily job performance. Additional research opportunities were discussed related to, the impact that ISLLC standards have, and will continue to have, on principal licensure in the United States.


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