Sewage, Data processing, Sewage disposal, Water quality management


In searching for a subject to meet the M. S. Degree Research Report requirements, I had several objectives in mind. I wanted (1) a project with relevancy in the environmental field which would broaden my understanding of the environmental systems which I have studied, (2) a subject which would allow me to apply some of the Principles which I have learned in Operations Research , and (3) a project which had good practical application. With these objectives in mind, I reviewed the suggested topics presented by the Faculty and selected the FTU Water and Wastewater System Analyses topic which was recommended by Dr. Y. A. Yousef. After selecting the topic I became very interested in the application of Management Information Systems (MIS) and discussed with Mr. C. S. Bauer, the possibility of utilizing such a program to evaluate the data which I had accumulated. He concurred that this would be a good application of a MIS and encouraged my use of it. He provided me with a basic MIS program which he and his IEMS 496-13 class of 1971 had developed . To meet the requirements of this study it was necessary to add some programs and make modifications to the basic programs which provided me with an extensive involvement in computer programming and MIS operations. The application and use of the MIS has become an important part of this research paper. I have learned much in analyzing the FTU Water and Wastewater Systems and in applying the FTU Water and Wastewater Systems and in applying the Management Information System. It appears that a continuation of these studies with an increase of scope to encompass electrical and other mechanical utilities would be desirable. It would also appear that this study could have practical value in the management of the present utility systems and that FTU might elect to continue this or a similar MIS program as a part of the utilities operations. This type study should also have potential application for analyzing municipal and government operated facilities.


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Spring 1972




Yousef, Yousef A.


Master of Science (M.S.)


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Environmental Systems Management




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Sewage -- Data processing, Sewage disposal, Water quality management

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