This study investigated the effectiveness of using granular activated carbon (GAC) to reduce trihalomethane formation potential (TIIMFP) in potable water . The City of Melbourne , Florida was chosen as a study site due to excessive levels of THM's in the finished water (greater than the 0.1 mg/1 standard). A pilot plant s tudy lasting 473 days included two GAC column systems : one receiving unozonated water, the other ozonated water. The water used in these experiments was obtained from Lake Washington, a highly colored surface water source which supplies Melbourne . The water applied to the GAC columns was coagulated, settled, recarbonated and f iltered at the Lake Washington Water Treatment Plant. Isotherms were developed using both ozonated and unozonated water . T0C and color removals were better predicted by the Langmuir isotherm , but removal of THMFP was better predicted at lower values (C less than 200 μg/1) by the Freundlich isotherm. Bench scale e ozonation had no obvious effect on GAC capacity for color and T0C; however , ozonation appeared to decrease the capacity of GAC for THMFP removal. In the column study, breakthrough to the THMFP standard occurred faster in the unozonated system. The ozonated system showed twice the capacity to meet the THMFP standard compared with the unozon ated s ystem . This increased overall s ys.tern capacity was due to THMFP removal in the ozone reaction chamber prior to GAC conta ct . Pretreatment by ozone actually reduced the capacity of the GAC columns to remove color, TOC and THMFP . Thus , the desired sequence for optimum treatment (greater percent removals) and longer bed life would be GAC treatment followed by ozonation .


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