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The purpose of this study was to survey the subject certified staff of Florida public elementary schools to determine how elements of Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory were perceived as being met in their current school employment. The descriptive study utilized an instrument that listed each of the 16 job factors in Herzberg’s theory. The instrument was designed to allow subjects to mark each job factor as contributing to their job satisfaction, neutral, or contributing to their job dissatisfaction. The instrument also had areas to record various biographical data regarding the subjects. The survey was conducted on a randomly selected subject group that was stratified over the five regions of Florida public schools. A total of 586 usable surveys were returned, a return rate of 71%.

An estimation approach to inferential statistics was used to analyze the data. Interval estimation of the data was done through the construction of confidence intervals at the .95 level. Each job factor was analyzed with regard to the group as a whole and with regard to selected biographical information, including sex, years of teaching experience, job position, and degree held by subject.

The job factors of Advancement, Salary, and Personal Life were perceived by over half of the subjects as not contributing to their job satisfaction. The job factors of Achievement and Interpersonal Relationships with Students were perceived by over 90% of the subjects as contributing to their job satisfaction.

There was no significant difference between male and female subjects on all job factors with the exception of Responsibility. There was no significant difference between subjects with M.A. degrees and subjects with B.A. degrees with regard to any job factor. Subjects with the most years of teaching experience tended to have more members that perceived job factors as contributing to their job satisfaction than subjects with lesser years of teaching experience.

It is recommended that further research be undertaken to determine the perceptions of certified personnel in Florida’s public secondary schools.


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