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This research was designed to investigate whether there are any significant relationships between the individual's educational and professional backgrounds and the 1985 Florida Master Teacher Program. This study included information collected on 2,245 (72%) respondents out of 3,390 teachers who were selected as meritorious in Florida's 1985 program.

Two instruments were used in data collection. One was the set of Frame Factor Data which was obtained from the Merit Teachers' Summative Observation forms. The Frame Factor Data included: method of classroom presentation, number of students in the observed classes, number of students in upper and lower academic quartiles, number of students in lower socioeconomic quartile, number of students with a learning disability, the grade level of the class, and the teachers' total number of years of teaching experience. The second instrument was a questionnaire developed to obtain demographic data from merit teachers. This questionnaire which was sent to all merit teachers, and it solicited the following information: the respondent's degree, the individual teaching certificate, professional association membership, enrollment in a college course related to their professional duties, date of birth, total years of teaching experience in Florida, and total years of experience at the same school, grade level, and subject area.

The data obtained were analyzed using two procedures: (1) difference of proportions (two-tailed test) on those responses which could be answered by a simple "yes" or "no" response, and (2) chi-square goodness of fit on all multiple response items. The 0.05 level of significance was used with both statistical procedures.

Significant items included the number of teachers who: graduated from a Florida teacher education program, were certified in more than one field or area, taught in a single field or area, were members of professional teachers' association, and had teaching experience only in Florida. Other significant items included: number of students in the class, total number of years of teaching experience, number of years teaching the same grade of subject area, the grade level of the students, and number of students in the upper quartile academically, and the teacher's classroom presentation method.


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