Drosophila melanogaster


Abnormalities in the eye of tumorous-head Drosophila melanogaster were compositely mapped to their respective positions in an archetypal eye. A dorso-ventrally oriented restriction line in the posterior eye, similar to that observed by Campos-Ortega and Waitz (1978) and Baker (1978) through clonal analysis, was observed. Restrictive areas that parallel and probably coincide with hose previously disclosed by Campos-Ortega (1978) were also demonstrated in both the dorsal and ventral eye. Transformation of tumorous-head Drosophila melanogaster were examined in order to investigate region specific correlations between head structure and their homoeotic replacements. Five different tumorous-head strains were analyzed and compared for maximum expressivity and localization of homoeotic structures. Complementary tables with variables for modified head structures and homoeotic tissues were constructed for each stock. No anal plate was observed in females of the tuh-1; sbd tuh-3 stock. Females of the tuh80C stock possessed neither anal plate nor vaginal tissue. Emphasis was placed on those heads that included genital structures. Female abnormalities of the tuh(UCF), tuh(CT and tuh(ASU) stocks possessed any combination of vaginal teeth, vulvar papillae, sinsilla trichodea, 6th, 7th or 8th abdominal tergite, anal plate, and leg. Anal plate was observed in the prefrons and rostral membrane while all other genital disc derivatives were intimately associated with modified shingle cuticle. Male abnormalities included transformation of head to penis (dorsal and ventral paramere), hypandrium (large or small bristles and hairs), clasper teeth, lateral plate, anal plate, 6th abdominal tergite and leg. Composite mapping indicated that different abnormalities often overlapped in their distribution in the head. But the appearance of any combination of abnormalities in the fly head followed a serial distribution relative to the antero-posterior axis of the insect that paralleled that seen in the posterior of the fly.


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