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Orange County, Florida, through its Sewer and Water Department, own fifty active and ten inactive water treatment plants. These treatment plants have a total of ninety-four supply wells, sixty-four of which are actually in service. Most of these wells were obtained through purchase from private or investor owned utility companies. A file search was undertaken from records of the Orange County Sewer and Water Department, U.S. Geological Survey, former water system owners, and well drillers in order to compile all available information on these wells. Information was gathered on location, original drilling of the well, static water level and pumping tests, chemical and bacteriological quality of the water, and most recent pump, motor and auxiliary engine. This information was recorded on a date form for each well, with the well geographically categorized into five areas throughout the County. For each geographical area, mean, high and low values were determined for well and casing depth; static water level; well flow, specific pumping capacity and other flow type parameters; and various water quality parameters, such as total dissolved solids, chloride, sulfide, iron, alkalinity, and hardness concentrations. These were then compared to each other to see if any patterns could be established for wells in various areas of the County. Comparisons were also made to recorded piezometric surface levels of the Floridan Aquifer and to information in available literature on wells in the Orange County area. The comparisons indicated wells were slightly shallower in the wester part of the County than in the eastern part. Depth to static water level generally increased as you progressed from east to west, with the highest MSL elevations occurring in the southwest. Specific well capacity was greatest in the westerly area. Total dissolved solids content of the wells was much higher than that predicted by the literature, and hardness, iron and sulfide values were higher in the east than in the west.


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