A Distributed Security Architecture For Ad Hoc Networks


Secure communication in ad hoc networks is an inherent problem because of the distributiveness of the nodes and the reliance on cooperation between the nodes. All the nodes in such networks rely and trust other nodes for forwarding packets because of their limitation in the range of transmission. Due to the absence of any central administrative node, verification of authenticity of nodes is very difficult. In this paper, we propose a clusterhead-based distributed security mechanism for securing the routes and communication in ad hoc networks. The clusterheads act as certificate agencies and distribute certificates to the communicating nodes, thereby making the communication secure. The clusterheads execute administrative functions and hold shares of network keys that are used for communication by the nodes in respective clusters. Due to the process of authentication, there are signalling and message overheads. Through simulation studies, we show how the presence of clusterheads can substantially reduce these overheads and still maintain secure communication.

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Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Wireless Information Systems, WIS 2005, in Conjunction with ICEIS 2005

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