The Continued Evolution Of Team Research: A Theoretical Model Of Performance In Multiteam Systems


The growth of global companies and partnerships in and across organizations and the growth of coalitions in military campaigns have brought about new needs in team research. Specifically, organizations and the military alike are beginning to utilize teams of teams or multiteam systems (MTS) to complete more complex tasks. A MTS has been defined as "two or more teams that interface directly and interdependently in response to environmental contingencies toward the accomplishment of collective goals" (Mathieu, Marks, & Zaccaro, 2001, p. 290). We believe that MTS represent the next evolution of team research. Because of the growing importance and of MTS to the military and organizations this paper introduces a theoretical model of MTS performance, the Joint Operations Effectiveness Model. We provide a brief synopsis of teams and findings from previous team research before presenting a more detailed description of the proposed model.

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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

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