About This Journal

SEEDS: The Literary Journal of the Sisters of Color, published from 1991-2000, was the product of The Sisters of Color (SOC), a non-profit women's writers collective. Esperanza Cintrón was the driving force and founding editor of SEEDS.

The Sisters of Color (SOC) sought to provide a receptive atmosphere for women of color in Albany, the state of New York’s Capital District where they could share their work, discuss obstacles and concepts unique to their experience and to exchange constructive criticism and submission information.

SOC's focus expanded to include a commitment to providing forums that allow women writers as well as those who write about women's issues to share their work with others in workshops, performance and in print.

Although a women's group, SOC's concerns were not restricted to feminist issues, but rather intersectional including issues relative to class struggle, alleviating oppression and poverty, efforts to strengthen the family and our communities, and a commitment to giving voice to the under-represented. The organization grew to include women like Lori Anderson Moseman and Roz Lee who initiated readings and workshops in churches, women’s and treatment centers, prisons, and other relative venues. The organization officially disbanded in 2006.