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This presentation was delivered for the STEM Librarians Collaborative 2021 virtual conference during a roundtable discussion held on July 22, 2021.

This presentation will provide insight into how the STEM librarians created and collaborated with both internal and external library partners to hold data management workshops on campus. We will discuss how it is possible to start small and work from a grassroots approach to gain the attention of important campus partners. We will share how working with outside groups has helped us grow and what our plans for the future will be. Although the UCF Library does not have a formal data management team or specific librarian job responsibilities associated with data related concerns, our STEAM Bootcamp team has helped to pave the way for the possible creation of these new positions in the future, once a new founding Dean of Libraries is hired at our institution.

Attendees will learn how to start data management workshops as well as gain insight into how to partner with similar data related groups at their institutions. Attendees will also be presented with data sources and tools and how they can be leveraged for inclusion in their programming.

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