Studying the Relationship between Human Resources Practices, Employee Motivation, and Online Hotel Reviews: An Empirical Approach to the Hospitality Industry


employee extrinsic motivation; employee intrinsic motivation; hospitality industry; Human resources practices; online hotel review


Increasing competition in hospitality is one of the industry challenges, which depends mainly on human capital. Thus, this research investigated the relationship between human resources practices, employee motivation, and online hotel reviews. Hypotheses were tested using two-phase survey data collected from 308 respondents corresponding to 154 dyads of frontline employees and human resources managers from hotels located in Brazil and England. Quantitative online hotel review ratings were collected from the surveyed hotels as performance indicators. Partial least squares structural equation modeling was used to examine the data collected. Employee intrinsic motivation negatively influenced online hotel review ratings. The online hotel review overall ratings were positively affected by extrinsic motivation. Likewise, human resources practices had a strong influence on the online hotel review service ratings. This study presented some insights to hospitality organizations, identifying relationships among three important topics on hotel management. This information can help hoteliers develop better competitive strategies, using human resources to increase online hotel review ratings, considered critical hotel performance indicators.

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V de Souza Meira, J., Hancer, M., Anjos, S. J. dos, & Eves, A. (2022). Studying the relationship between human resources practices, employee motivation, and online hotel reviews: An empirical approach to the hospitality industry. Tourism & Hospitality Research, 22(2), 196–208.

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Tourism and Hospitality Research






Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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