Metadata; Cataloging; digital repository; Metadata standard practices; Authority control; Identity management; Subjects; keywords; Controlled vocabularies; Cataloging guidelines; Metadata guidelines; Linked data; Metadata Librarian; Metadata specialist; Roles of Metadata librarian; Digital library; Challenges and changes


While implementing standards in cataloging digital collections is often a Metadata Librarian’s conscience or inner desire, sometimes it’s a challenge to do so if a system is not built to accommodate such standardized practices. This kind of dilemma is not uncommon in the metadata and digital repository arena. This presentation will address the various challenges in working with metadata in digital repositories such as, name authority control for authors, departments and colleges, type values selection, keywords and subject choices, whether to add linked data URIs to various fields in the records and data discrepancies in harvesting data into the OCLC’s Digital Collection Gateway. Sometimes trying to follow controlled vocabularies or standardized metadata practices seems to be at odds with what the system can accommodate or what many non-catalogers prefer. This presentation will discuss how the Metadata Librarian, Digital Initiatives people and other librarians work together to make careful, practical and conscientious choices.

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Deng, S. (2017). Overcoming the challenges of implementing standardized metadata practices in a digital repository. Metadata Interest Group Meeting, ALA MidWinter Conference 2017. Atlanta, GA. January 22, 2017.

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