Exploring the Resource Potential for the Development of Ecological Tourism in Rural Areas: the Case of Kazakhstan


Ecological tourism; Kazakhstan; Resource-based theory; Rural development; Rural tourism; Tourism resources


Tourism can play an important role in rural development. Rural tourism can help diversify the rural economy, slow urbanization, and contribute to the economic viability and revitalization of these places. However, rural destinations need to audit the different resources they have to better understand what they can offer. Using the case of Kazakhstan, we adapt resource-based theory and use expert opinions and publicly available secondary data to assess the resource potential for the development of tourism in the rural areas of Kazakhstan. We use a range of methods such as descriptive analysis, cluster analysis, and correspondence analysis to show the resource potential of the 14 rural provinces in Kazakhstan in terms of transport infrastructure, housing & household amenities, communal services, natural & climatic, and cultural & historical resources. The findings reveal that rural Kazakhstan lags behind urban Kazakhstan in many indicators of socioeconomic development. However, experts agree that rural Kazakhstan is endowed with a multitude of natural, cultural, and historical resources. Investment in infrastructure in the areas of transportation, medical care, and communal amenities is needed so that the resources in these rural communities can be accessible for tourists. This type of analysis can be used in other emerging destinations to help them develop tourism and improve the lives of those in rural areas.

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Tleuberdinova, A., Kulik, X. V., Pratt, S., & Kulik, V. B. (2022). Exploring the Resource Potential for the Development of Ecological Tourism in Rural Areas: the Case of Kazakhstan. Tourism Review International, 26(4), 321–336. https://doi.org/10.3727/154427222X16716277765989

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Tourism Review International






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