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Presented by Penny Beile and Rich Gause on behalf of the RLC Taskforce at the LITA Annual Conference, November 2013, Louisville, KY. Handout to accompany the Research Lifecycle at UCF graphic. For more information visit:


Researchers at the University of Central Florida have access to support for acquiring and managing grants, writing and publishing research results, and performing computational analysis of large data. However, until recently these services were not coordinated at the institutional level and there was no clearinghouse to connect researchers to available support. In response, the UCF Libraries, with input from faculty and relevant campus units, developed a mental model of support and services of interest to university researchers. The model, in the form of an online interactive infographic, illustrates the research lifecycle from inception to completion, identifies support services available to researchers and roles for key campus units, and is serving as a catalyst for intercampus discussion and collaboration. The model was drafted by the Research Lifecycle Taskforce with inspiration from OpenWetWare’s Research Cycle. Content is made available under a Creative Commons BY-SA.

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LITA Annual Conference

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November 2013


Information Technologies & Resources


Orlando (Main) Campus


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