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Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI trained on Large Language Models to generate text) has exploded into the digital learning space. As the need for Open Educational Resources (OER) also continues to grow, generative AI can jumpstart aspects of OER creation. This presentation will consider barriers to OER adoption, including the availability of supplemental teaching resources, and will propose a use case for leveraging AI text-generation to support best practices for creating unique assessment questions. Through the “5-Ps,” – Problem, Past, Present, Possibilities, and Product – we will consider the ways that adopters, adapters, and authors of OER can use generative AI to support access, innovation, and evaluation. We will consider OER adoption through the lenses of textbook affordability and instructional design to propose a framework for using generative-AI so that open education reaches more learners while maintaining the principles of research-backed assessment practices.

This is a presentation for the Open Education Conference 2023.

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