Consumer-based brand equity of a destination: Perceptions of sports tourists and non-sports tourists


Consumer-based brand equity, destination, image, loyalty, Olympic Games, sport tourist


Destination authorities invest in sport venues and related infrastructure to attract sport events due to their influence on destination image and visitation. Several studies have revealed a significant influence of image on behavioral intentions of sport or event tourists; however, a comprehensive assessment of consumer-based brand equity (CBBE) inclusive of image, consumer value, brand value, quality, and loyalty by comparing sport and non-sport tourists is lacking. The current study conducted an online survey with a sample of the US population and compared Orlando’s CBBE from the perspectives of sport and non-sport tourists in general and those sport and non-sport tourists who have visited Orlando in the past. Results revealed some differences between sport and non-sport tourists, both in the general sample and in the past visitor group. Although both groups revealed a strong CBBE in general, sport tourists have a better perception of Orlando in some image and loyalty dimensions. General sport tourists’ overall quality, image, and consumer value influence their loyalty, while only image and quality influence loyalty for those sport tourists who visited Orlando before.

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Tasci, A.D.A., Hahm, J., & Breiter, D. (2016). Consumer-based brand equity of a destination: Perceptions of sports tourists and non-sports tourists. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing

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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing


Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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