The Contribution of Theme Park and Attractions to the Social and Economic Sustainability of Destinations


theme parks, sustainable development, tourism development, safety, corporate social responsibility, regional development


Purpose– The purpose of this paper is to review the contribution made by this theme issue to the question: how far do theme parks and attractions contribute to social and economic sustainability of destinations.

Design/methodology/approach– The paper reviews some of the key contributions emerging from this theme issue.

Findings– Theme parks and attractions will continue growing globally. There seem to be many internal and external reasons that may lead to success and failure of theme parks and attractions. It is evident that theme parks and attractions contribute greatly to sustainability of destinations in many areas including investments in infrastructure, job creation, tax revenues, tourism revenues, donations, and community support. However, it is also evident that failure of a theme park may result in a major decline or failure of a destination.

Research limitations/implications– It also emerges that more research is needed into development and management of theme parks and attractions globally.

Practical implications– There are many stakeholders in developing theme parks and attractions in destinations. It is essential to ensure active participation, coordination, and support from all stakeholders to ensure that theme parks and attractions deliver intended outcomes. Careful and long‐term planning and coordination are necessary to ensure that theme parks and attractions created and managed well so that they contribute to sustainability of destinations.

Originality/value– This current theme issue is perhaps one of the first journal issues that specifically focus on theme parks and attractions and their impact on destinations. This final paper highlights emerging conclusions from this theme and offers practical and theoretical implications to the theme park industry.

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Milman, A., Okumus, F., Dickson, D.R. (2010). The contribution of theme park and attractions to the social and economic sustainability of destinations. World Hospitality and Tourism Themes. 2(3) 338-345.

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World Hospitality and Tourism Themes






Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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