Digital Learning, Online Learning, Open Access, Open Educational Resources, Monolingualism


As teaching and learning evolves to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world, we find these experiences transformed by hard unsolved problems and burgeoning opportunities yet to be explored and identified. Of critical importance to learning in the digital age are the issues of access and equity. These issues, while long prevalent in academia and beyond, have become increasingly more significant as the shift towards online and digital technologies provides new pedagogical possibilities we could not have predicted. Like faculty and students, libraries and librarians have equally felt this digital shift. The challenges faced provide an interconnected struggle that everyone in higher education currently faces. With this in mind, this roundtable discussion aims to explore this by tackling issues that highlight the unprecedented ways in which we can reach and connect to our stakeholders and even new populations digitally. This session will explore a variety of topics such as monolingualism in digital humanities, open access and open educational resources, peer learning, and issues surrounding copyright, intellectual property, and data literacy.

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