From an Event to Tourist Attraction: A Typological Study of New Year Celebrations


New Year celebrations, functional typology, festivals /event tourism, cultural celebrations, heritage events, tourist attractions


Given the growing interest in specific event experiences (cultural celebrations) amongst tourists, New Year's celebrations around the world would seem to have untapped potential as a tourism resource for marketing and developing tourism destinations. The purpose of the study is to present New Year's celebrations around the world and to develop a typology for attending them. The functional typology is then used to develop these New Year's celebrations through strategy and policy from unplanned/planned events to tourist attractions. The functional typology on the motivations for attending New Year's celebrations contributes theoretically to the body of knowledge as no typology currently exists. An analysis of New Year's celebrations can help tourism planners, local decision-makers, and tourism promoters to identify real concerns and issues in order to create appropriate policies and actions to promote New Year's celebrations, destinations, and local culture.

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Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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