Tourism and Poverty Alleviation: A Reply to Sharpley


In a review of our book 'Poverty Alleviation through Tourism Development: A Comprehensive and Integrated Approach' (Croes & Rivera, 2016), Richard Sharpley raised several concerns regarding our analysis of the relationships between tourism and poverty alleviation (Sharpley, 2016). The core of his critique is that we were biased in our premise, methodology, and research focus on macro-analysis. He also mentions minor points regarding the details of the analysis in the book. We do not intend to respond to each point made by Sharpley. It is understandable that one book alone cannot encompass all the intricate aspects and issues comprising the complex web intersecting tourism and poverty alleviation – perhaps this is Sharpley's mistaken expectation. Rather, we use this space to stress broader points about the general value of our methodology and the insights we identified in our book.

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Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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