WebCT is the most widely used package online course creation, management, and delivery. Originally designed to help non-technical faculty deliver semester-length courses over the web, WebCT is now used by libraries to deliver various types of library instruction. The University of Central Florida licensed WebCT in 1997, and the Library created the WebLUIS Tutorial in WebCT by 1998. This presentation overviews the UCF Libaries' use of WebCT for a library OPAC tutorial and reports on a 5-question survey posted to a library email list. The responding 11 institutions revealed many similarities in their use of WebCT. The most striking revelation is that the libraries did not specifically select WebCT on its merits - rather, they use it because it was already licensed and in use on campus. The libraries put to use many of WebCT's functions, such as quizzing, communication tools, and statistics gathering. However, it is not ideally suited to library use and has shortcomings when applied to library instruction and services.

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Conference Presentation




2001 LITA National Forum

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Information Technologies & Resources


Orlando (Main) Campus


University Libraries



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