Academic Persistence, Student Employment, Supervisor Interactions


Although student persistence is an important metric for higher education administrators and working while attending school is pervasive among those who attend college, the extent to which work supervisors may impact students while attending college through interactions is underexplored. This study examines the relationship between supervisor interactions and student outcomes in relation to type of employment, academic persistence, and competencies. The literature review indicates the relationship between type of employment and academic persistence is important and interactions may provide useful benefits. However, interactions within the type of employment experience is lesser known. The study site for this research is Alpha University (Alpha) (pseudonym). Alpha is a large, public, research university in the western United States. This study draws from a pre-existing dataset that uses two data sources: responses from the 2016 Alpha Student Employment Survey (ASES), and student records. Type of employment data come from the survey, and student records provide demographic and academic persistence data. The sample is limited to degree-seeking, non-online undergraduates enrolled at Alpha in fall 2016 who were employed, whose primary institution affiliation is not employee, are not post-baccalaureate students, and have one job (n=1,434). Data are analyzed using logistic regression with interaction effect for the first research question, dominance analysis for the second research question, and logistic regression for the third research question.

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