events, conferences, excitement, loyalty, peak-end-rule, prior experience, satisfaction


In psychology, the peak-end rule has been used to describe the effects of emotional factors on live experiences. However, it has yet to be examined in the contexts of events and conferences. This study investigated the influence of conference presentation order, excitement following peak experience, previous conference experience, and time since one’s last visit on conference satisfaction and loyalty. Although no significant differences in satisfaction and loyalty were found with regard to the order of presentations, previous experience and time since last visit were found to have significant effects on attendees’ outcomes. End-of-conference peak experiences exhibited the strongest influence on loyalty.

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Godovykh, M., & Hahm, J. J. (2020). Does the sequence of presentations matter for academic conferences? An application of the peak-end rule in event management. Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, 21(3), 201-224.

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