Theses/Dissertations from 2012


Adolescent mothers in an intervention study a qualitative analysis of variables relating to their teaching interactions with their infants, Janisse Guzman


Perceptions of preservice teacher candidates towards gifted education training and obtaining the gifted education endorsement certificate in florida, Zachary Laschober


The constitutionality of the occupy movement, Yoe Lopez


The weak registry the constitutionality and effectiveness of legal restrictions on convicted sex offenders, Andrea-Li Medina


An examination of academic dishonesty in secondary online english education, Marissa Middleton


Not really bollywood a history of popular hindi films, songs, and dance with pedagogical applications for understanding indian history and culture, Sanjana Nayee


Increasing oral language fluency and syntactic structure through a balanced reading approach a case study of a five-year old beginning reader of the edge of the autism spectrum, Kelly Palmer


Propaganda exposed a glimpse into the truth of hidden agendas, Carolyn Park


Examining the power of using primary sources in middle school social studies, Emily Richardson


Immigration law and enforcement the role of states and local authorities, Yisell Rodriguez


Medicate to execute constitutional and ethical considerations, Adam Schultz


An examination of the history and effect of American sex offense laws and offender registration, David Shabat-Love


One teacher's journey through creating culturally-sensitive instructional material for village and orphaned students in sierra leone, Jesica Shearhod


Understanding and achieving brain-based instruction in the elementary classroom a qualitative study of strategies used by teachers, Amy Siercks


The duality of florida's criminal pretrial diversion programs a separate treatment court for veterans, David VanZandt


Cuba's deepwater drilling operations United States relations, legalities, and future, Olivia Walker


Constitutionality of drug possession as a strict liability crime an analysis of florida's drug statute, Davis Watson


A contact analysis of Caldecott medal and honor books from 2001-2011 examining gender issues and equity in 21st century children's picture books, Nicole Yello

Theses/Dissertations from 2011


International contracts a quantitative analysis of transnational contract formation, David T. Ackerman


An examination of supplemental educational services expectations and realities in a large public school district, Kristin Blair


Preparing elementary teachers to teach students with disabilities a comparison of program structures & elements across teacher preparation institutions, Jessica Close


A comparative review of the works of Feldman, Sternberg, Gardner and Eisner and the resulting practical application for the secondary art classroom, Heather Denmark


As God as my witness: a contemporary analysis of theology's presence in the courtroom as it relates to the "oath or affirmation" requirement within the Florida rules of evidence, Nicholas Scott Gurney


Prosecutorial discretion and plea bargaining: is there a jury trial penalty?, Gina Hall


Exploring the relationship between music participation on math scores and high school retention, Marin Halperin


An ethnographic case study in a British primary (elementary) school classroom of academic self-efficacy, Kelly Iliff


Incorporating graphic novels into social studies based instruction an effective means of determining quality graphic novels, Lindsey Johannessen


Profiling by any other name could be the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Evan M. Malloy


You've got mail the study of the attorney-client privilege and the use of electronic mail, Justin W. McConnell


An exploration of materials for music integration in elementary science education, Nicole Jennet Mills


Including everyone a handbook for LGBT inclusion in the elementary classroom, Shanine Mollentze


Examining the moral development of young children and their naturalistic displays of empathy through service-learning experiences in preschool, Elizabeth Paris


Art teacher preparation does the path to certification in Florida matter?, Deanna Jean Price


UCF Upward Bound Program promoting first generation in college, low income and multicultural students stem college success, Christina Restrepo


Parental accountability for children in Florida examining the oxymoron of parental liability, Marco Specoli


Are building design rating systems effective towards the goal of sustainability in the design and construction of public and private buildings and how will new energy performance and sustainable design requirements affect the professional liability of building design professionals?, Samuel D. Transue


Using young adult literature to teach the classics a study on pairing young adult novels with the classic works in secondary English classrooms, Deanna Lynn Velazquez


Examining The magic tree house series for historical accuracy and educational implications, Nina Washington

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

An analysis of the graphic novel adaptation of the Iliad by Homer for use in the secondary classroom, Christopher Baltazar

An examination of college students' beliefs and attitudes surrounding the Casey Anthony Case, Lauren Catenacci

Acquisition and transference of physics-based conceptual knowledge : an analysis of fourth-grade student's ability, Ashton Dacus

The battered man : an evaluation of equal justice under the law, Brenna M. Egan

Using Meyer's Twilight in the secondary classroom, Tierney Miller

Examining at-home reading programs : the current state of at-home reading programs in Central Florida elementary schools, Rebecca Mordente

Climate change and citizen standing : the evolution of procedural standing in environmental litigation, Michelle D. Murphy

A judge's duty to sheppard the media in celebrity trials when constitutional rights collide, Sarah D. Reyer

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

The use of circumstantial evidence in convicting defendants in high profile murder cases, Lianna M. Hartwell

Juvenile crime and punishment : a closer look at habitual offenders, Amber Karkauskas

How play supports the development of the whole child : implications for parents of children ages 2 to 6, Amber Kirlew

Exploring the contributing factors of success in department of defense schools : a literature review, Callie M. Lane

Exploring and implementing select character education programs for young children in Florida, Erin Farrell Monaghan

The death penalty : a grave injustice, Mercedes Morno

The evolution of tales in Europe and George Sand's work throughout the K-12 curriculum, Maria Teresa O'Brien

Cultural implications of reading motivational methodologies, Catherine Jane Page

Elementary school teacher's belief about developmentally appropriate tasks in mathematics, Cynthia L. Romero

Transnational organized crime : a review of offense types and law enforcement response, Scott A. Wright

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

A study on motivation in the high school foreign language classroom through focus groups with third- and fouth-year high school Spanish students, Priscilla M. Alzamora

The "CSI effect" on jurors, criminals and the American court system, Farah N. Ammar

Are Florida's children safer? : a public management perspective of the decision to privatize child welfare services in district 7, Antoinette Bazunu

Personal personnel : the effects on teachers and administrators of a failing school due to high-stakes testing, Carley Lyn Blades

An historical approach to physics instruction, Angelo C. Conner

What experienced teachers believe : a study of select teachers' perceptions on teacher efficacy and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Kailee M. Gregware

The importance of physical activity in elementary aged children affecting their health, behavoir, and learning, Angela M. Meleis


Broken Promises: The Inconvenient Truth of Apartheid in Florida's Public Schools, Sidney Moss

Therapeutic jurisprudence and the importance of drug courts in the juvenile justice system, Megan A. Policastro

The effect of domestic violence in custody proceedings, and recommendations for Florida law, Candace Stuart

An analysis of regulations pertaining to cruise ship disposal of generated wastes, Bianca R. Zuluaga

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Effect on student achievement and attitudes towards learning mathematics when integrating children's literature into a mathematics lesson, Rebecca A. Arico

Incorporating drama across the curriculum into the intermediate elementary classroom, Ashley N. Cannon

Entrapment in Florida, Jean-Marc Chanoine

The relationship between a collaborative reading-writing project and second grade students' motivation, Erin Marie McCarthy

A Curriculum Guide for Integrating Literary Theory into Twelfth Grade Florida english Language Arts, Helen Philpot


Interpreter of Maladies: Analyzing Current Young Adult Indo-Caribbean Literature for Inclusion in Today's High School Canon, Reshma Ramkellawan

Where are the gifted children? : the representation of gifted students in caldecott medal books, Angela Bianca Shapiro

Leadership skills : teaching collaboration through the fourth grade social studies curriculum, Megan C. White

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Urban School Education and Preservice Teacher Preparation, Cynthia Cassagnol

The Laws of War and the Post 9/11 World, Anass Chakir

Superman as a Literary Hero through the Years, Matt Colgrove

Privileged Communication and Sex Offenders in Florida, Meryl Mathews

E-merging Technology for the E-merging Classroom: A Review of E-Merging Technologies for the Elementary Classroom in the United States, Rayna Yaker

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Literacy Activities that Parents of Preschool Children Attending Day Care Promote at Home and Community Settings, Myriam Guijarro de Ortiz

The Difficulties in Prosecuting Stalking Cases, Maria Lopez

An analysis of electronic surveillance in the USAPATRIOT act, David Margolis

Problems with Serial Murder Investigations, Jessica Maykrantz

Coming of Age: A Look at Minimum Age Requirements in Professional Sports, Paul Sanchez

Supporting Children's Multiple Intelligences While Teaching Florida's Sunshine State Standards in the Early Childhood Classroom: Making the Connection Using MI-Based Strategies, Bonnie Taylor

Eminent Domain: The Taking Of Private Property For Gentrification, Jeff Thibault

Exploring Attitudes and Possible Solutions to Aliteracy through Focus Groups and Interviews of Fifth Grade Students, Heidi Unruh

The doctrine of odious debt : a solution for post apartheid South Africa, Pamela M. Youmans Hernandez

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

The Role of Contemporary Artists and Mathematics in the Art Classroom, Katherine Blair

Difficulties Investigating and Prosecuting Heroin Overdose Cases, Katherine Daniels

Perceptions of parents on sensory integration therapy and children with autism, Callie L. Haynes

An Examination of Same-Sex Marriage After Lawrence v. Texas, Lauren Musser

Aliteracy and the Role of the Classroom Library, Destiny Pacha

Connecting Adolescents to Adolescent Literature: A Study of Eighth Graders' Lived Experiences and Literature's Responses, Jessica Pedlow

Medical Malpractice Tort Reform: Analysis of the Medical Malpractice Crisis and Florida’s Legislative Solution, Ethan Wall

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Transition from Craftsperson to Career and Technical Education Teacher: A Qualitative Study of Prior Mentoring Experiences, Meredith Baker

Constitutionality of affirmative action programs in institutions of higher learning : Grutter v. Bollinger, Christina A.; Conner

Evaluating software used in a balanced literacy program, Jamie Lynn DeRusso

Legislation, litigation, and lunacy : an analysis of Ashcroft V. free speech coalition and the child pornography prevention act of 1996, Joshua D. Grosshans