The purpose of this study was to analyze school district curriculum alignment with state and national standards to find content omissions that may contribute to low Algebra End-of-Course exam scores in ninth grade. The study primarily looked for algebra course content omissions in the algebra, functions, and statistics' domains of the algebra curriculum. These three categories were chosen because low achievement for ninth grades students was recorded in each category for a Medium Sized Rural School District. The study also examined the pre-algebra curriculum for a Medium Sized Rural School District to see if alignment was present with the algebra curriculum. Embedded skills needed for algebra success were also recorded to develop an in-depth look at the curriculum alignment. The embedded skills are skills that should be mastered before students are placed in the pre-algebra course. The algebra state standards were compared with the Medium Sized Rural School District local algebra standards. From the local standards, 95 coded algebra skills were established as pertinent for mastery of algebra content. The 95 coded algebra skills were used in the constant comparison document analysis to find content omissions in the algebra curriculum, the pre-algebra curriculum, and the algebra textbook. The 95 algebra coded skills were also examined individually to record embedded skills needed for mastery of each skill. An additional study was performed on the amount of time given to the mastery of the 95 algebra coded skills or performance tasks. The following results were found in this research for curriculum alignment. In a Medium Size Rural School District, the algebra curriculum and algebra textbook were analyzed for the presence of 95 essential performance tasks in search for missing content. The algebra curriculum and algebra textbook were both found to be aligned with the algebra state standards. These findings allow educators to look at other factors that may contribute to low performance on the Algebra End-of-Course exam. Content omissions were found in the pre-algebra curriculum that showed a lack of alignment with the algebra course. Also, 77 embedded skills were recorded as prerequisites to algebra mastery. Last, the amount of material to be mastered in a ninth grade algebra course may be too numerous for ninth grade algebra students to master the material.


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