Multi transit echo, double transit echo, echo suppression, saw, surface acoustic wave sensor, passive wireless sensor, walsh hadamard, walsh hadamard like saw reflectors, tunable antenna, reflective delay line sensor, ofc, cdma, bpsk, am bpsk, pwm bpsk, third harmonic coupling of modes model, 3rd harmonic spudt, 3rd harmonic gudt, nelder mead optimization


A passive wireless surface acoustic wave sensor of a delay-line type is composed of an antenna, a transducer that converts the EM signal into a surface acoustic wave, and a set of acoustic reflectors that reflect the incoming signal back out through the antenna. A cavity forms between the transducer and the reflectors, trapping energy and causing multiple unwanted echoes. The work in this dissertation aims to reduce the unwanted echoes so that only the main transit signal is left--the signal of interest with sensor information. The contributions of this dissertation include reflective delay-line device response in the form of an infinite impulse response (IIR) filter. This may be used in the future to subtract out unwanted echoes via post-processing. However, this dissertation will use a physical approach to echo suppression by using a unidirectional transducer. Thus a unidirectional transducer is used and also optimized for 3rd harmonic operation. Both the directionality and the coupling of the 3rd harmonic optimized SPUDT are improved over a standard electrode width controlled (EWC) SPUDT. New type of reflectors for the reflective delay-line device are also presented. These use BPSK type coding, similar to that of the Walsh-Hadamard codes. Two types are presented, variable reflectivity and variable chip-lengths. The COM model is used to simulate devices and compare the predicted echo suppression level to that of fabricated devices. Finally, a device is mounted on a tunable antenna and the echo is suppressed on a wireless operating device.


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Malocha, Donald


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


College of Engineering and Computer Science


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science








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December 2017

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Doctoral Dissertation (Open Access)

arrow3.m (34 kB)
z2016_09_14_EWCreflectionvsapvsfrequency_2f0reference_function.m (11 kB)
z2016_09_14_EWCreflectionvsapvsfrequency_2f0shifted_function.m (11 kB)
z2016_09_14_EWCreflectionvsapvsfrequency_EWC_function.m (10 kB)
z2016_09_14_PhiB_vsfrequency.m (2 kB)
z2016_12_09_EWCreflectionvsapvsfrequency_EWC_function_testpolar.m (12 kB)
z2016_12_09_EWCreflectionvsapvsfrequency_EWC_functionMain.m (13 kB)
z2016_12_09_Nelder_Mead_2dim.m (16 kB)
z2016_12_09_nonperiodicIDT_Lentine_Datta_Hunsinger_EWC_function.m (8 kB)
2017_02_20_SPUDT4W2padsm40_05best.txt (301 kB)
2017_02_20_SPUDT4W2padsm60_04best.txt (301 kB)
2017_02_20_SPUDT4W3padsm40_03best.txt (301 kB)
2017_03_23_SPUDT5WH1b_gsgpad_open.txt (301 kB)
2017_03_23_SPUDT5WH1b_gsgpad_short.txt (301 kB)
2017_05_10_probedSPUDTleads.txt (300 kB)
2017_05_10_SPUDT_impedance.txt (38 kB)
2017_08_14_WalshHadamard_WH_diff_c2_2bot_good.txt (38 kB)
2017_08_14_WalshHadamard_WH_diff_c2_3bot_good.txt (38 kB)
2017_08_14_WalshHadamard_WH_diff_c4_1bot_good.txt (38 kB)
2017_08_14_WalshHadamard_WH_diff_c4_2top_good.txt (38 kB)
2017_08_14_WalshHadamard_WH_diff_c4_3top_good.txt (38 kB)
chap6_WHL2a3setFR.fig (159 kB)
chap6_WHL2a3setFRAC.fig (48 kB)
chap6_WHL2a3setFRCC.fig (55 kB)
chap6_WHL2a3setTR.fig (81 kB)
chap6_WHL2a3setTRAC.fig (57 kB)
chap6_WHL2a3setTRCC.fig (61 kB)
chap6_WHL2b3setFR.fig (52 kB)
chap6_WHL2b3setFRAC.fig (46 kB)
chap6_WHL2b3setFRCC.fig (53 kB)
chap6_WHL2b3setTR.fig (57 kB)
chap6_WHL2b3setTRAC.fig (55 kB)
chap6_WHL2b3setTRCC.fig (56 kB)
chap6_WHL2c3setFR.fig (84 kB)
chap6_WHL2c3setFRCC.fig (53 kB)
chap6_WHL2c3setTR.fig (57 kB)
chap6_WHL2c3setTRAC.fig (181 kB)
chap6_WHL2c3setTRCC.fig (57 kB)
createfigure.m (9 kB)
createfigure1.m (9 kB)
2hot4f0.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_25_300MHzEWC_m08InSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_25_300MHzEWC_m08OutPair2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_25_300MHzEWC_m08OutSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_25_300MHzEWC_p08InPair2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_25_300MHzEWC_p08InSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_25_900MHzEWC_m08OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_25_900MHzEWC_m08InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_25_900MHzEWC_m08OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_25_900MHzEWC_p08InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_25_900MHzEWC_p08OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzEWC_p08OutSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m40InSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m40OutSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m60InPair2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m60InSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m60OutPair2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m60OutSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m80InSingle2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m80OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzEWC_p00InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzEWC_p00OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzEWC_p08OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m40InSingle1.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_27_300MHzOpt_m40OutPair1.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_25_900MHzEWC_p08InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m40InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m40OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m40OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m60InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m60OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m80InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m80OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_27_300MHzOpt_m40InPair1.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_27_300MHzOpt_m40OutPair1.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_27_300MHzOpt_m60InPair2.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_27_300MHzOpt_m60OutPair2.txt (825 kB)
z2017_01_26_300MHz2hot4f0pair1.txt (825 kB)
z2017_01_26_300MHz2hot4f0Single1.txt (825 kB)
z2017_01_26_300MHzEWC_p00InSingle2.txt (825 kB)
z2017_01_26_300MHzEWC_p00OutSingle2.txt (825 kB)
z2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m40InSingle1_great.txt (825 kB)
z2017_01_26_300MHzOpt_m40OutSingle1_great.txt (825 kB)
z2017_01_26_900MHz2hot4f0pair1.txt (826 kB)
z2017_01_26_900MHz2hot4f0Single1.txt (826 kB)
z2017_01_26_900MHzEWC_p00InSingle2.txt (826 kB)
z2017_01_26_900MHzEWC_p00OutSingle2.txt (826 kB)
z2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m40In1port1_great.txt (826 kB)
z2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m40InSingle1_great.txt (826 kB)
z2017_01_26_900MHzOpt_m40OutSingle1_great.txt (826 kB)
zz2016_01_27_SPUDT_1stH_Opt_m60OutSingle2__Dissertation.asv (19 kB)
zz2016_01_27_SPUDT_1stH_Opt_m60OutSingle2__Dissertation_shell_forsimulating_chapter3devices.m (21 kB)
2017_01_12_300MHzOpen.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_12_300MHzShort.txt (825 kB)
2017_01_12_900MHzOpen.txt (826 kB)
2017_01_12_900MHzShort.txt (826 kB)
z2016_10_18_z2016_07_18b_capacitance_extraction_1stHarm_fun.m (11 kB)
z2016_10_18_z2016_07_18b_Nelder_Mead.m (16 kB)
z2016_10_27_Cp_and_Rp_extract_from_probepads_open_fun.m (13 kB)
z2016_10_27_Cp_and_Rp_extract_from_probepads_open_Nelder_Mead.m (16 kB)
z2016_10_27_Cp_Lp_Rp_extract_from_probepads_short_fun.m (12 kB)
z2016_10_27_Cp_Lp_Rp_extract_from_probepads_short_Nelder_Mead.m (16 kB)
3.3 SAW IR Model.pdf (1744 kB)
4.5 COM Modeling Presentation DCM 091814.pdf (3622 kB)
2.5 Rayleigh - SAW Soln in Isotropic Solid.pdf (945 kB)
4.4 1-Port Dual Sided Reflector SSAW 2014.pdf (1979 kB)
5.4 Apodized Transducer Analysis-all.pdf (549 kB)
5.6.1 Reference - SAW Element Factor UFFCT 1980.pdf (213 kB)
5.6.2 SAW ref Datta hunsinger malocha UFFCT 1979.pdf (601 kB)
2008_07_16_Auld Short Course Acoustics 1988.pdf (1420 kB)
2013_10_15_MalochaPMatrixAnalysisofReflectorIL_DTE.pdf (1168 kB)
2013_10_24_Malocha_2transducerTTEanalysis.pdf (1185 kB)
2014_02_24_SPUDT.xmcd (379 kB)
2015_08_19_Proof P32 equal 2 times P23.pdf (97 kB)
2015_08_19_SAW Element and Array Factor Writeup.pdf (86 kB)
2017_10_03_Rmatrix.pdf (2984 kB)
COM Derivation _P-parameters dcm 072715.pdf (470 kB)
GUDT-example_300MHz.xmcd (406 kB)
SAW Pub by Lord Rayleigh.pdf (363 kB)
z2016_12_09_EWCreflectionvsapvsfrequency_EWC_function_testpolar.m (12 kB)
z2016_12_09_EWCreflectionvsapvsfrequency_EWC_functionMain.m (13 kB)
z2016_12_09_Nelder_Mead_2dim.m (16 kB)
z2016_12_09_nonperiodicIDT_Lentine_Datta_Hunsinger_EWC_function.m (8 kB)