High Impact Practices Student Showcase Spring 2024

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I'm Jiyeong Hong a senior-year forensic science major with a chemistry minor, also an international student from South Korea. I'm interested in trace evidence and planning to go to grad school for forensic chemistry.

Hello, my name is Brooke Bass. I am a senior forensic science major with a minor in chemistry and concentration in biochemistry. I enjoy academia and participate in forensic DNA research. I plan on pursuing a master of science degree after obtaining crime laboratory experience.

I am Laura. I am a senior in Forensic Science- Chemistry Track with a Chemistry minor and a CSI certificate. I am really passionate about analytical chemistry and I aspire to become a forensic drug analyst.

Abstract, Summary, or Creative Statement

This presentation is to display our experience as a ULA in a specialized chemistry course within the forensic science program, Trace Evidence. This course is an upper-level chemistry course that requires a strong foundation in organic and analytical chemistry and is required for all tracks in the forensic science undergraduate program. Trace Evidence also utilizes team-based learning and a flipped modality. We were tasked with helping students during active learning activities regarding the current content by using guiding questions. We learned the best way to help students was to ask open-ended questions, enhance their motivation, and understand their frustrations or misconceptions, which often stem from concepts from prerequisite courses. Trace Evidence covers imperative concepts and forensic analyses, such as glass, fibers, and paints, that are currently used in forensic crime laboratories today. Students that wish to pursue careers in forensic science will ultimately become experts in their field, and to understand those concepts is paramount for their future in forensics.


forensic science; trace evidence; undergraduate learning assistant; ULA; teaching assistant; upper-level course

ULA Reflections within Specialized Chemistry — Trace Evidence, A Forensic Science Course