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chemistry can be fun

chemistry can be fun


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Dr.Julie Donnelly

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About the Author

my name is Adebanke Gbago, i am a freshman majoring in biomedical science and learning assistant in the CHM4942 course. i would like to thank Dr.Donnelly and Dr.Laperyouse for teaching me the best teaching strategies and to be a better learning assistant and tutor.

Abstract, Summary, or Creative Statement

I am a learning assistant in the Instructional Experiences in Undergraduate Chemistry. I am presenting my experience in the course and the core details and concepts of the course that have guided me in my job as a learning assistant. in this class, i have learned about the best teaching strategies and the impact of student-centered teaching in the classroom as well as the utilization of pedagogical techniques that foster a positive classroom and growth mindset. The information and content I have learned in this class has allowed me to achieve my goal of debunking the preconceived idea of chemistry being a weed-out class and to also improve student involvement in the course through strategies that consider external factors.


pedagogy, student-centred learning

chemistry can be fun