High Impact Practices Student Showcase Spring 2024

Growing Knowledge: UCF's Arboretum

Growing Knowledge: UCF's Arboretum

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Dr. Haley Winston

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Our names are Valentina Casale, Maia Leon, Carla Lozano, Kaitlin Stallings, and Jeffery Valere. We are LEAD Scholars that came together to investigate the Arboretum's leadership techniques. Our professor, Dr. Winston, recommended the Arboretum as an organization we could work with, and we all were open to the idea. We have each learned a lot from the Arboretum and appreciate the Student Interns who have encourage us to volunteer.

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For our LDR 2002 course, we were tasked with investigating a non-profit organization through service learning. We wanted to see how the organization interacted with their volunteers and to find out what volunteers could learn from it. After our first shift with the Arboretum, we each agreed that the staff was extremely friendly. Each person was open to answering any questions we had, teaching us about invasive species and how to handle them. One specific invasive species we dealt with is tassel flower, it grows rapidly and takes vital resources away from local species. As volunteers, we were encouraged to explore our surroundings, and to experiment different strategies to complete our tasks.

Additional Resources

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Growing Knowledge: UCF's Arboretum