Background: It is universally known that pregnancy is a vulnerable time for a woman's health. Women of all backgrounds endure significant physiological and anatomical changes during pregnancy and after childbirth. But the latest research studies have called attention to the unique experience of Black mothers. Compared to other racial and ethnic groups, Black women encounter health disparities at an all-time higher rate. According to research studies conducted in Haiti and the United States, Haitian women are amongst the community of Black women who are experiencing disproportionate maternal outcomes.

Research Aims: The aim of this systematic review is to explore the prenatal and postpartum support lacking for Haitian women residing in the United States and Haiti, resulting in elevated pregnancy-related mortality and morbidity.

Methods: To explore this study's research aims, a qualitative systematic review was conducted. Studies that met the inclusion criteria were found by inserting the following keywords in various research databases: Haitian women, maternal health, maternal disparities, Haitian-immigrant, maternal support, Haitian-American, Haitian pregnant women, Haitian descent, maternal mortality, and maternal morbidity.

Key Findings: Prenatal and postpartum support was lacking in various forms for Haitian women. In Haiti, women noted that a lack of compassion from healthcare providers, personal finances, and hospital funds contributed to unpleasant maternal experiences. While Haitian women residing in the United States encountered an absence of support from their health professionals due to being culturally misunderstood.

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