The purpose of this study was to evaluate the rates of attrition at each level within US Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Using USA Gymnastics membership information, this thesis explored trends within raising and falling membership rates by level and the potential predictive information this can offer gyms, coaches, parents and athletes. Until this study, previous research had only looked at the causes of attrition. The results of this study provided insight into when this attrition will be most likely to occur. This will assist in preparing coaches, parents and athletes to make informed decisions in regards to the training and commitment necessary in pursuing a future in competitive gymnastics. It also informs the gym on attrition within their program, which offers opportunities to better cater the program to the athletes, including additional coach’s education at these levels. After reviewing the current and past number of athletes participating, it was concluded that attrition peaks for athletes going into Level 5. A significant drop in athletes from Level 4 occurs, and the trend continued, at a smaller degree, as the number of athletes drops at each level through Level 10.

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Fisher, Thomas J.


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Sports and Exercise Science


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December 2016

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