Background: Endometriosis, a medical condition in which endometrial tissue lining grows outside of the uterus, affects approximately 10-15 percent of women of reproductive age. While research has shown that symptoms of endometriosis negatively affect quality of life in women, few studies have examined the impact of this condition specifically in college students who may be overwhelmed with the stress of school, living independently, and managing the symptoms of their endometriosis. Purpose: To examine the impact of endometriosis on academic and psychosocial factors in university students. Methods: Four college females completed the Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (PSEQ), a 10-item survey used to measure participants’ confidence in performing a range of activities despite their pain, and a modified version of the Endometriosis Impact Questionnaire (EIQ), a 21-item survey that examines the physical, psychological, and social impact of endometriosis. Participants also completed semi-structured Zoom interviews that focused on how their symptoms affected their academic performance, physical health, social interactions, and psychological well-being. All interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. Content analysis was used to quantify and extract relevant themes. Results: Themes were identified for academic impact (negative impact, lack of awareness of academic accommodations, improvement in study habits), physical impact (pain, nausea, fatigue), social impact (avoidance of social events, impact on romantic relationships, importance of social support), and psychological impact (anxiety over symptoms, negative impact on self-esteem, increased compassion for others). Conclusion: Although endometriosis negatively impacted participants, positive impacts, such as improved study habits and greater feelings of compassion for others with chronic conditions, were reported as well. Future studies should further examine the impact of endometriosis in larger samples of college students.

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