With the rising rates of heart disease incidents in the United States and the increase in lung cancer deaths as well, many individuals suffer and get their treatments compromised due to these diseases. Especially considering that many lung cancer and heart disease patients are over 70 years of age, treatment options and success rates drop significantly. Due to this, a great concern is raised for patients with co-existing heart disease and lung cancer. This was a case-control study that assessed lung cancer treatment options and success rates for patients with co-existing heart disease. We used research papers that discussed lung cancer treatment success in patients with heart disease to gather data on the subject. Furthermore, we used the 2020 NHIS to gather demographic data on the interviewed adults who answered the questions regarding lung cancer and heart disease. At the start, we hypothesized that there wasn’t going to be a high success rate for lung cancer treatment in patients with heart disease due to the invasive nature of the treatment available. We found that most patients with pre-existing heart disease that sought lung cancer treatment had their condition worsened due to severe invasive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In most surgical lung cancer treatment options, patients with pre-existing heart disease were more likely to die after the operation than patients without pre-existing heart disease. Currently and in future times, it’s more likely to find individuals with both diseases due to the rising culture which endorses poor habits in eating, alcohol consumption, smoking, and the utilization of drugs. Understanding the difficulty and dangers that are found in current treatment options for heart disease patients suffering from lung cancer will allow for innovation and improvement in treating such patients.

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