Purpose: The relationship between testicular cancer and working as a firefighter has been a relatively brushed off scope of concentration until recent years and recent developments in hopes of presenting new protocols and better guidelines to screen for testicular cancer in this occupation. The purpose of this study was to perform a scoping review to present the current data concerning testicular cancer and its association to the occupation of firefighters.

Methods: PubMed as a data base was used and articles concerning firefighters and testicular cancer were found and screened for eligibility with respect to the kind of study and the data it entailed. Data was reported in this study and discussed.

Results: It was found that testicular cancer has the highest or second highest incidence and mortality rate among all the cancers that firefighters suffer from at the P < 0.001 significance. Among the second highest were also skin, pleural, and thyroid cancer.

Conclusion: While testicular cancer is highly treatable due to its high survival rate, it has a strong and alarming prominent presence in the firefighter occupation. The results should be interpreted with caution due to the limitations of the studies evaluated, however in all studies, testicular cancer had a far more significant incidence and mortality risk than the other cancers firefighters were evaluated for.

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