Art programs have always been essential to education; they have provided students with a safe place to express themselves and make risk-free choices. However, due to budget cuts to the public school systems, art education is in jeopardy. The impact of the budget cuts on art education is widespread and has reduced student access to the arts and lowered the quality of the art education programs within our public school system. Schools can only provide students with the necessary resources, such as art supplies, technology, and professional development for art educators, with adequate funding. When schools are not receiving adequate funding for the arts, it makes it more difficult for students to explore different mediums and develop their artistic skills.

This research aimed to examine the benefits of art education and related supporting research to create a Bitmoji Advocacy Classroom that will house resources for art educators to leverage use with legislators, policymakers, school districts, and parents. It will combine arguments regarding the essential benefits of art education to establish that the arts should be a priority in schools. The Bitmoji Advocacy Classroom will be a reference for art education advocates to enlighten policymakers and school districts, allow them to explore options for supplementing their budget, and access free Professional Development resources and materials to use in their classroom.

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McGann, Debra


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Art Education



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