Purpose: Given that CRC Screening disparities in people experiencing homelessness has been heavily understudied, the purpose of this study is to assess how existing knowledge and access to resources about CRC screenings affect the ability to obtain CRC screenings in people experiencing homelessness in Central Florida.

Methods: In March 2023, a team of researchers surveyed subjects who do not have stable housing in two Central Florida locations: a local shelter and a resource center serving the predominantly unsheltered. The survey assessed current understanding of CRC screenings and available/lacking resources necessary for completing CRC screening in this population. There was a total sample size of 75 participants, with 36 participants from the shelter and 39 from the service center location. Our inclusion criteria included those who are undomiciled, age 45 and over who speak Spanish or English.

Results: The results indicate that there is a statistical difference between those who are screened and not screened when assessing provider counseling (p<0.001), awareness of how to get screened (p<0.001) and access to the same medical provider every visit (p=0.0389). In regard to receipt of CRC screening, there were no statistically significant results when assessing demographics and other resource-related factors.

Conclusion: Because data was collected in locations that provided resources, this study may not be representative of all undomiciled individuals in Florida, especially in rural areas. Our results imply a need for provider counseling, patient education and access to a primary care provider. More research needs to be conducted from the physician perspective to understand the context of existing barriers to CRC screening.

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