Today, there are children sleeping under bridges with no food to eat and nowhere to go. Without our help someone's daughter will continue to cry herself to sleep as she sleeps in the woods with only a blanket, someone's son will feed himself with trash from a dumpster, someone's granddaughter sleeping under a bridge will be raped and someone's grandson will commit suicide because he lost all hope. These children need our help. (Enough is Enough, 2022). Although there are some government agencies and organizations that try to identify what can be done to help the homeless youth population, minimal progress is taking place. The United States Government and other organizations are offering some assistance, but more funding is needed to save the lives of this vulnerable population.

In addition, homeless youth need to have available access and knowledge that these resources exist and are available to help them fully transition back into society. This study examined the growing reality of youth homelessness and the impact of interventions for housing, mental health, and substance use.

The primary goal of this theses is to bring awareness and educate the public on the homeless youth crisis currently being faced throughout our country. In addition, the resource guide that was created with the research found from this study will be distributed in places homeless youth can access such as local schools, shelters, churches, police and fire stations, as well as online databases.

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Crozier, Michelle


Roberts, Sherron


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College of Community Innovation and Education

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Health Services Administration



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